A YouTube channel dedicated on making videos about Computers and other Technology
The channel can be found here.

Sam Kemp

I also go by the name untamemadman.
I am the main host and founder of TalkComputerTech.

What we do

We make YouTube videos about Computers and other Technology.

Computer Videos

These are videos relating to Hardware.

Software Videos

These are videos relating to Software.


"How-to" Videos that can be also included in other categories of videos. This may include videos like a tutorial for how to build a computer.


We make videos based on other technologies, such as phones, watches, speaker systems and consoles.


We run a Forum for people to post computer tips and various other topics. We also have Facebook and Twitter for community intergration

Sketches & Comedy

We will occasionally write funny sketches and will be uploading videos of these.

Get in touch

Use for form below or one of the links on the right to contact us.